That's me on the left, at my own wedding in 2011.

That’s me on the left, at my own wedding in 2011.

I grew up in Vermont, amid an astonishing amount of natural beauty. The sense of it is pervasive. For those of us lucky enough to live there, its style and beauty shapes our values and aesthetic.

I see this in my approach to photography. I love when photos are full of glowing light, a playful wind, and the lushness of the green world. I love really understanding the relationships between people and capturing moments that illustrate them. I love making people look beautiful.

When I look through the camera, I aspire to see what is authentic. I want to deliver images that have a bit of magic in them, and not  just a series of clichés.

Today, I live in Greenfield, Massachusetts, with my wife, Kristi. We are actively involved with the local food scene in the Pioneer Valley.